Tatter’s Treats ™ has been in my heart for many years.  We want to bring smiles to faces everywhere by sharing my chocolate sauce.  It's hard to believe how fast times fly when you're having fun!  We've been open now for 2 years and counting. 

Tatter’s is me, the founder.  I’ve always had a secret passion for cooking.  I love sharing my food with others and seeing their reactions.  I’ve made several cakes and pies, and one day thought…I want to make a “mobile ice cream party”.  Of course, the main ingredient, other than the ice cream, is the chocolate sauce!  I couldn’t find a chocolate sauce I liked, so I created one.  It was a big hit!

My husband started calling me “Tatters” and saying, “It’s the Tatters that Matters!”  He loves Mint, so he asked me if I could make a Mint Chocolate Sauce.  He loved it!  Over the years, I started playing with more flavors, and the Lemon and Orange were created.

My friends that are Dark Chocolate lovers asked me to make a Dark Chocolate sauce.  So, I started playing with dark chocolates.  I found a 53% cacao that I liked the texture of, so I created the Mellow Dark Chocolate Sauce.  Why Mellow Dark?  Because it’s only 53% cacao and true Dark Chocolate lovers want a 70% - 80% cacao.  So, I’ll continue to play with higher cacao levels until I find a good texture and will eventually release a Strong Dark Chocolate Sauce. 

We also have additional flavors to be released as demand warrants like:

·       Almond Chocolate Sauce

·       Strawberry Chocolate Sauce

·       Boysenberry Chocolate Sauce

·       Cherry Chocolate Sauce

·       Bacon Chocolate Sauce

·       Peanut Butter Chocolate Sauce

·       Pineapple Chocolate Sauce

·       Watermelon Chocolate Sauce

·       Mango Chocolate Sauce

·       The combinations are endless!