Tatter’s Treats ™ has been in my heart for many years.  We want to bring smiles to faces everywhere by sharing my chocolate sauce. 

Tatter’s is me, the founder.  I’ve always had a secret passion for cooking.  I love sharing my food with others and seeing their reactions.  I’ve made several cakes and pies, and one day thought…I want to make a “mobile ice cream party”.  Of course, the main ingredient, other than the ice cream, is the chocolate sauce!  I couldn’t find a chocolate sauce I liked, so I created one.  It was a big hit!

My husband started calling me “Tatters” and saying, “It’s the Tatters that Matters!”  He loves Mint, so he asked me if I could make a Mint Chocolate Sauce.  He loved it!  Over the years, I started playing with more flavors, and the Lemon and Orange were created.

My friends that are Dark Chocolate lovers asked me to make a Dark Chocolate sauce.  So, I started playing with dark chocolates.  I found a 53% cacao that I liked the texture of, so I created the Mellow Dark Chocolate Sauce.  Why Mellow Dark?  Because it’s only 53% cacao and true Dark Chocolate lovers want a 70% - 80% cacao.  So, I’ll continue to play with higher cacao levels until I find a good texture and will eventually release a Strong Dark Chocolate Sauce. 

We also have additional flavors to be released as demand warrants like:

·       Almond Chocolate Sauce

·       Strawberry Chocolate Sauce

·       Boysenberry Chocolate Sauce

·       Cherry Chocolate Sauce

·       Bacon Chocolate Sauce

·       Peanut Butter Chocolate Sauce

·       Pineapple Chocolate Sauce

·       Watermelon Chocolate Sauce

·       Mango Chocolate Sauce

·       The combinations are endless!